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“Exalted One” Chart

Many of you guys have asked for a chart for “Exalted One,” the single we released for download last week. (If you didn’t get the download, you’ll have to wait for the album release :(   It was only available for download for 12 hours). But for those who have it and are wanting a chart, here you go:

DOWNLOAD CHART: “Exalted One” Chart

4 Responses to ““Exalted One” Chart”

  1. Colton says:

    Thanks guys, really appreciate this.

  2. Chris Kutcher says:

    Mack plays the intro strumming and if my memory serves me correctly, he’s playing it capo’d on teh 2nd playing a G.

  3. Chris Efthymiou says:

    Incredible song…. all time fav, Mack is incredible on this track. With the talented singing Elevators, I am sure you will have more!

  4. Carl says:

    Did this song this week and last at our church. Just a fantastic service-starter. Powerful, high energy. God is doing amazing things with and through your music (and others) ministry. Bless you.

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