Elevation Worship

Set List – Easter Sunday


Jesus’ Blood – Delirious
Your Name High – Hillsong
Your Cross Has Saved Us – Elevation Worship
Freedom Is Here - Hillsong
Greatly To Be Praised – Fee
The Doxology (w/ tag from Our King Has Come) – Traditional Hymn, tag – Elevation Worship
Stronger - Hillsong
Same Power – Hillsong
To Know Your Name – Hillsong
You Deserve – Hillsong
We Unite - Elevation Worship

This Easter was unlike any we’d ever experienced. We, of course, still lifted up the name of Jesus, celebrated him and his resurrection, preached the Gospel, and celebrated life change. We just did it in the center of our city at Time Warner Arena with 11,600 others. Oh, and we saw over 700 people commit their lives to Jesus. Oh, and our people did a little presenting of the Gospel themselves as they practically loved this city by bringing over 18,000 items (toys, clothing, books, food) to give away to those in need.

There was this spiritual overtone that infiltrated the day too. We all knew holding a worship experience in the center of our city, in a place like TWCA would be much more than just lots of people and a cool venue. Not only did thousands hear the Gospel preached, but we honestly believe that what happened yesterday was a breakthrough for Charlotte. This is just the beginning of what God has in store for this city. We believe churches all across this city are going to rise up. We believe the Kingdom will advance like never before here. We believe yesterday had spiritual implications….that one day, Charlotte will be the city known across this nation for it’s love for God. Yesterday was a huge step towards that becoming a reality. Yes!

5 Responses to “Set List – Easter Sunday”

  1. az says:

    What was the very last song that you guys did after the service ended, as people were exiting. It was the very very last one.

  2. Kelli Sheppe says:

    IT sure was!!

  3. David Matherly says:

    Oh yea….I’m one of those folks who had my hand raised for “Knowing Fleetwood Mac”. Elevation is not just for Young People(although I’m SO glad to see so many there)! My point is….some of us older believers have been sitting on our hands in church pews for way,way to long! Praise God for the opportunity to really worship and to be challenged by Pastor Steven! My wife, daughter(26)/son(23) and I ALL shared a very moving presence of Christ during that service!! (been thru some challenges). Best day as a family……EVER!! Glory to God! Thanks to Elevation!

  4. Chris says:

    Alisha – We Unite.

  5. gd says:

    i really enjoyed the easter service… such a moving experience and a great message. can you tell me which songs played during the baptisms? thanks!

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