Reflections From Hillsong Conference

10 Jul Reflections From Hillsong Conference

Hi, I’m Mallory and I’m a Project Manager for Elevation Worship. This past week, a group of Elevation Church staff- including myself- had the privilege of traveling across the world to Sydney, Australia for Hillsong Conference. Our very own Pastor Steven Furtick was a speaker at the conference, and we were beyond honored to support him as he spoke on a truly global platform. We’ll be unpacking all that we learned for months, but for now I wanted to share one powerful truth specifically about worship while it’s fresh.

Worship is a weapon. I don’t mean that in a figurative, “ah that’s a nice concept” kind of way. I mean quite literally, when we praise God in song, the enemy cowers. He has to. If God inhabits the praises of His people, there is no place for the enemy. At Hillsong Conference, Pastor Louie Giglio¬†reminded us that we have a great adversary on this planet. He wants the worst for us and lies to us to try to wreck God’s best for our lives. (Well, thanks for the uplifting blog, Mallory.) Oh, hold on. There’s good news! We’re armed. The way we combat our enemy is worship.

When Jehoshaphat went into battle, he didn’t hand Gerard Butler a spear and send him to the front of the line. He didn’t ask Mel Gibson to lead the way. No, instead he said, (paraphrased) “Where’s my choir? Come on, get me some singers.” The Bible says their battle cry was “Give thanks to the Lord. His love endures forever.”

Wow. What if we approached worship that way? What if we replied to the devil’s lies with “Let me just sing you a song.” If you check the score at the end of Jehoshaphat’s battle, you’ll notice it was a shut out. Not because his guys put any points on the board. It actually ended up like a 1st grade soccer game- the other team scored on their own goal. The Moabites and Ammonites ended up fighting each other, so Jehoshaphat rose victorious without having to raise a sword. That’s what God wants to do for you. He wants to fight for you. In combat, He’ll do the heavy lifting, and you offer an assault of praise.¬†Pastor Giglio put it this way: ” When you start singing to the devil, he doesn’t sing along. He moves along.”

Friends, your song is a spear. Your beats are like bullets. And your declarations are dangerous to the devil. Take heart, and know that you are not without defense.