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Tickets Update

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

There is so much excitement around our church heading into this Friday night with our live album recording! This is going to be a really special time of worship as we seek Jesus together as a church and go all out in celebrating Him. We have had a lot of questions about how to be a part of the event, so here are some details.

We opened up free tickets first for all the connected people in our church as a way to honor and value all the work they do. That means volunteers, group leaders and giving leaders all got first dibs. And we are already out of free tickets with this group alone!

But we want to help as many of you as possible experience this night with us, so if you are at our Blakeney campus at 7pm and you don’t have a ticket, if there are any empty seats we will try to get you in! This will be on a first come, first serve basis and we can’t make any promises, but we would love to do whatever we can to help you be a part of this night of worship with us.

We love you guys and thank you so much for lifting our team up in prayer this week. We can’t wait to see what God will do!


“Point To Point” Worship: Unifying The Church Through Technology

Friday, July 6th, 2012

It was a few months back, I attended a worship experience at our Matthews location. I was enjoying being able to worship in the audience beside my wife, Sonya. We were about 3 songs into the worship set when Mack (one of our worship leaders) came on the screens, welcomed each of our Charlotte area locations and began to lead our Church in a song. Being a worship leader at Elevation, I’d experienced this many times from the stage, but it had been a while since experiencing this from the crowd. It was a powerful moment to say the least! The room dynamic shifted. Keep in mind that Mack was not at Matthews, but he was leading our whole Church in worship from our Blakeney location. You could feel the excitement as everyone began to realize that we all, our entire church was worshiping together. Singing the same song at the very same time all across our city. It was truly a unifying moment in the worship experience! This simulcast technology that we call “Point to Point”, has been a game-changer for our ministry. Being a church with multiple locations has brought unity to our House that’s exceeded all of our expectations. To make this happen, there is a lot involved. I won’t get too technical, but we wanted give you an idea of how we’ve been able to harness this technology to bring our multi-site church together.

To keep everyone in sync and playing together at all of our 6 Charlotte area locations, all of our bands play to click and loop tracks. During the worship experience, a click or loop is fired by the drummer from one of our locations, the Blakeney campus. That click is then routed to each of our locations via fiber, or internet connection. Also, the Blakeney worship leader vocals are routed separately on their own tracks, as well as video, in order to send video files to all locations. We then delay the audio to match the video feed at each of our locations and we are all synced together. For the majority of each worship experience, every location’s worship leader and band will play live to the “point to point” click (the one being sent from Blakeney), keeping us linked together for the entire worship set.

Simply put: 6 different bands at 6 different locations are playing to 1 click track that’s fired from 1 central location.

At any predetermined time, every location has the ability to receive video from Blakeney and turn up that worship leader’s mic from Blakeney, and he/she can lead our entire church while every live band across our city plays and sings along seamlessly live.

Simply put: If you’re at our Uptown campus, you’ll experience a live band and worship leader leading that morning. Then you could also experience the worship leader from Blakeney leading while the Uptown band plays along for that predetermined song.

Pretty amazing! Recently we’ve been experimenting with being able to flow with our Pastor using this technology. Since we are blessed to have a pastor who’s a gifted worship leader, he’s got the freedom to hop up on stage during the worship set to sing hymn, or go back into a tag of the previous song, or start a new song altogether.  Giving him the freedom to follow the spirit and flow in the moment is extremely important to us. To accomplish this, we’ve added an MD (musical director) at our Blakeney location who’s mic is routed to the in-ear mix of each campus’ band and worship leader.

Simply put: around 45-50 musicians across our city are hearing this MD’s mic in their ears as he directs the song from Blakeney.

The MD is responsible for following where Pastor Steven is leading the worship experience to go. If Pastor goes back into a tag, the MD will call out chords and progressions to keep every location in sync with each other.

The use of “point to point” has taken our worship experience to a whole new level. Honestly we are still figuring out ways to push this technology to the limits, and believe me, we will squeeze everything out of it that we can for the glory of God and unity of His Church!


FYI: Our click and loop tracks are created using the following programs: Reason, Logic Pro & Ableton Live

Code Orange Revival Starts Tonight

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Tonight we are kicking off Code Orange Revival – 12 straight nights of Holy Spirit filled worship and preaching. Pastor Steven had a vision to kick off 2012 in an incredible way: by gathering 12 anointed pastors from across the United States, opening up the nights of worship for free to anyone and everyone, as well as LIVE STREAMING it all online each night. Oh yes! That’s right! If you can’t make it in person here in Charlotte to be a part of these worship experiences, you can join in with us online for all of the worship and all of the preaching all 12 nights. It starts TONIGHT with Pastor Craig Groeschel and Elevation Worship, and continues through Sunday night, January 22.

Pastor Craig Groeschel
Pastor Jentzen Franklin
Pastor Matt Chandler
Christine Caine
Israel Houghton
Pastor Perry Noble
Pastor Stovall Weems
Pastor Kevin Gerald
Bishop TD Jakes
Pastor James MacDonald
Pastor Steven Furtick

Join us tonight at our Blakeney location (and Matthews location for overflow), or join in LIVE online tonight and every night through January 22 starting at 6:12EST, or for the re-broadcast at 10:12EST at www.codeorangerevival.com

“The Messenger”

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

We began a new series this past weekend titled Hebrews XII. We’re walking through [surprise] Hebrews 12. We opened our worship experience up this past weekend with a video, “The Messenger,” from our team that, yet again, set a new bar. We say it all the time, but they’re the best!! Enjoy.

Virtual Choir

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

We’re wanting YOU to sing and be a part of our first ever “Virtual Global Choir!” Honestly, how many opportunities do you have to join voices with a couple hundred other people from around the world? So whether you’re from South Carolina or South Africa, we’d love for you to be involved in this. 1) It’s easy. 2) It’s gonna be insane. So just click HERE for all the details.

Elevation Extension Site (App State)

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We started Elevation Extension Sites as a way to get the vision of Elevation Church and the message of Christ out to as many people as possible. God’s already done more with it than we could’ve imagined. You can see a list of where all our sites are meeting here (there may be one near you): http://www.elevationextension.org/sites

Last Sunday night, Elevation Worship had the privilege to join our App State extension site in Boone, NC for a worship experience, and to spend time with their team to invest in them, as well as hear about all that God’s doing through them. We wanted to share some photos from the night to give you a peak at what’s happening through this incredible team at App State. They carry the heart and vision of this church so well. They’re generous. They’re honoring. They’re passionate about the Gospel. If you’re near Boone, you should TOTALLY check it out!