06 Oct Start With Yourself

We are currently in a four-week series where Pastor Steven is taking us through Hebrews 12, one of the most powerful chapters in all of the Bible. During this series, Pastor Steven has asked our church to read this chapter out loud every day. ...

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05 Oct Don’t Be Afraid To Change

One of the biggest things I've learned from leading worship week in and week out at Elevation, and one of the things that Pastor Steven challenges us on all the time is to never be too committed to an idea. The same rule applies to...

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28 Jun Brad Hudson’s Here

Alright y'all, we couldn't be more excited to officially welcome Brad Hudson to the Elevation Church staff. He's served selflessly for over a year leading worship at Elevation on the weekends, and now he's pouring himself full time into the ministry here. So here's...

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