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Start With Yourself

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

We are currently in a four-week series where Pastor Steven is taking us through Hebrews 12, one of the most powerful chapters in all of the Bible. During this series, Pastor Steven has asked our church to read this chapter out loud every day. It takes less than five minutes, and while it might seem a little uncomfortable at first, I have found that there is tremendous power in speaking the word of God. My faith is strengthened as I declare God’s promises. My mind is more focused on the truth that I am reading. And I find that I walk through my day with a renewed sense of direction and boldness.

As worship leaders, we shouldn’t just proclaim God’s promises over our church when we are standing on a stage. It starts in the solitude of our personal time with the Lord as we declare His word over our own lives.

Because more and more I realize that everything I am saying to our church about God, I need to say to myself first.


Don’t Be Afraid To Change

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from leading worship week in and week out at Elevation, and one of the things that Pastor Steven challenges us on all the time is to never be too committed to an idea. The same rule applies to a song, an element, a video, whatever – you name it. Always be prepared to change it if it needs to be changed.

This is a hard lesson to learn. But it’s also a sign of a mature leader. Now I’m not saying don’t commit to an idea or a song. Of course, you need to put everything you have into making that element great. But after all the hard work and all the preparation, if it’s not the best thing for the moment, don’t be afraid to cut your losses and work harder on a new and ultimately better solution. There have been many times at Elevation that we’ve worked on a set list, made clicks, rehearsed the band, and gone through a worship experience on Saturday night, only to realize that we needed to do a complete overhaul for the set on Sunday morning. Its a hard thing to commit to. It’s not very fun to scrap all your preparations. But if we are committed to be sensitive to the Spirit, or following the prompting of our Pastor’s leadership, we aren’t afraid to cut everything and start from scratch in a short amount of time.

Now… we try not to make this a habit. We try to prepare for our worship experiences with accuracy according to what we feel like the Lord is leading us to, or what we are going to be studying as a church, or any number of the variables that will influence that experience. We work hard to plan ahead and do everything with excellence… We just know that in the end, if everything needs to change, we can’t let our pride, or even laziness get in the way of making that change. So commit yourself, your church, your ministry, your business to being the best. Even when that means scrapping all the work to start over. Even when that means longer hours. Even when that means the change will affect not just you, but your entire team. Because the good news is we’ve never made a big last minute overhaul without seeing huge kingdom results and God move in a big way. There’s a lot at stake. It’s worth it.

PS. This same rule applies to songwriting. Can’t hold too tightly to those either. And we can speak from personal experience. If it’s not working, not connecting, not singable – cut it.


In The Middle

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Hey. It’s Reggi updating you on the internship.

Six weeks down. Six more to go. I am squarely in the middle.

The bible has a lot to say about ‘middle’ things. In Genesis 14, Hagar found herself in the middle of Kadesh and Bered after she fled from Abraham’s camp. In Judges 7, Gideon and his 100 men reached the camp during the middle watch. And after leaving Pharaoh’s palace, Moses found himself positioned in the middle of the Egyptian army and the Red Sea.

As believers, we often find ourselves in the middle. But when we are there we must stay reminded that in that moment we can choose- like Moses- to be swallowed up by the enemy, or to press on until breakthrough occurs. We have a propensity, as humans, to look onward to the next thing, or to linger in the memories of what used to be for us. While both of those attitudes are appropriate in their season, being paralyzed by a goal or a memory removes the ability for us to see God moving mightily where we currently stand.

It is important when you are in the middle that you stay focused on becoming something. In Matthew 4, when Satan was tempting Jesus, he told the Son of God to tell a stone to become bread. Even though his request was entirely irreverent, Satan was actually speaking out of a clear biblical principle. The principle is simple: Everything that God has called you to be, he gives you the power to become. We become something by how we respond to the seasons and challenges that offer themselves up to us as tests. These decisions form who we are. You are how you react. What is it that you have been called to become? How would that person respond to the situation you currently face?

Remember that for Hagar as she was in the middle of Kadesh and Bered, there was a wellspring of water that provided hope, peace and nourishment. For Gideon, during the middle watch was his opportunity for victory. For Moses, the intensity of ‘the moment in the middle’ supplied him with the faith and audacity to see a mighty miracle of God. Paul and Silas praised God in the MID-night hour, and saw chains broken. And in the middle of two robbers, on a hill called Calvary, was crucified humanities hope of redemption.

Good things are found on middle ground. Don’t ever forget that God has you where He needs you. You are there so that He can create something in you that can sustain you once you finally get out of the middle.

Brad Hudson’s Here

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Alright y’all, we couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome Brad Hudson to the Elevation Church staff. He’s served selflessly for over a year leading worship at Elevation on the weekends, and now he’s pouring himself full time into the ministry here. So here’s what you need to know about the newest addition to our team…

Brad’s wife’s name is Sonya. They’ve been married 10 years, and both have a huge heart for this house. And they have a 3 year old son, Asher, also known as “The Dash.” Best part about Brad’s roots: he sang in a Southern Gospel group for years!! Oh, and he’s had 12 years of experience at engineering, producing and tracking thousands of BGVs in the studio, namely, Gat 3 here in Charlotte. So good people of the world wide web, show Brad some tweet love and follow him here: www.twitter.com/bradwhudson.

Set The Atmosphere

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

The Weekly Campus Promo

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

As any church grows in size and the amount of staff members increase, it can become more difficult to keep everyone in the loop. Some of the folks working with the kids ministry or small groups, for example, may not be fully aware of what the worship or video departments are even working on! With so many small details and tasks to accomplish in order to create the best weekend worship experience, it is very easy to miss something among all of the different departments that make up a church staff. So, we developed a document that I create weekly called the Campus Promo.

Elevation is made up of 4 campuses across Charlotte, and each week the campuses have individual campus meetings. The Campus Promo document is used in these meetings to get everyone from the different departments on the same page as we move into the weekend worship experiences. Here’s a link to a sample of this document that was used a few weeks back.

It gives Pastor Steven’s speaking schedule, meaning which campus he will be live at and when. It lists out any creative elements that we have programmed, it gives the length of the entire experience among other times… AND it even lets each campus know how and when to collect the offering. These may seem like small details, but when our eGroups director, or Student Ministries director, or eKidz staff aren’t heavily involved in the programming side of the worship experience, this document really helps bridge the gap among departments and get everyone on the same page.

So whether you’re meeting in multiple locations, or your staff is just growing larger, I hope this helps you! In our experience, it makes a tremendous difference when everyone on staff can go into the weekend fully knowing what to expect!