17 Feb GEAR – Bass

We've got a lot of great bass players that share the stage with us. Here are some of the gear that they use collectively. Guitars: - Fender Jazz Marcus Miller w/ J Retro Preamp - American Jazz Standard - '79 Gibson G-3 Grabber Amp: - We run everything through Groove Tube's...

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11 Feb GEAR – Guitars

This is the gear list of one of our guitarists, Micah Nicols. He plays most weekends at Elevation Church and played at our Uptown Christmas. Guitars: 08' Bill Nash T-63 Telecaster (Jason Lollar pickups) 04' Gibson Les Paul Classic Amps: Dr. Z Prescription RX (Pre-ES) Head 76' Fender Bassman 50w Head Badcat...

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09 Feb GEAR – Composing/Programming

GUEST BLOGGER - Aaron Robertson. Hey this is Aaron. I've been composing & leasing music for Elevation for over a couple of years now. (Announcement loops, sermon soundtracks, live elements, music for various videos). Chris posted a few months ago about the use...

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