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Try Something Crazy Already

If you’re not having to cut something in your worship experience at the last minute because it was just too far out to actually pull off, there’s a chance you’re not pushing yourself and your team creatively. Go for some song that seems nearly impossible for your band to do – push your team. Shoot for a support piece in your worship set that you’re people would never expect – push your team. Change your set up, play two songs that last the duration of your normal set and drive their truth into the people’s heart. Have responsive worship at the end of the worship experience instead of always singing at the beginning. Switch it up. Keep it fresh. Surprise people. Let God surprise them through your leading. Push yourself. Push your team….even if it means cutting it at the last minute because it was just too far out. You’ll be glad you tried. God’s creativity is limitless, tap into it.

Oh There You Are

…And here we are. Welcome to the blog of we three worship leaders of Elevation Church. This brand spankin new addition to our world and yours is sure to bless all those who enter. So come back regularly to find weekend set lists, demos of new originals we’re doing, thoughts on worship leading, thoughts on leading worship for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7….campuses, along with other little gems like the childhood aspirations and accomplishments of our own Wade Joye. For all this and more, we say WELCOME.

For now, we’re in the studio tracking our second record with Jason Hoard.

hoard back



We wrote these songs over the last 12 months about what God’s been up to in the lives of our people here at Elevation. Look for these 12 new original worship songs to release this summer. We’ll keep you posted!

Set List – 2.8.09

This past weekend we turned 3 years old. So we had ourselves lil celebration.

Saturday night we rocked late into the night accompanied by a gospel choir with these songs:

The Best Is Yet To Come – Donald Lawrence
The Time Has Come – United
We Unite – Elevation Worship
Broken and Tired – Elevation Worship
You Are Holy – Elevation Worship
Heavenly Touch – Tommy Walker
Glory To God – Steve Fee, Vicky Beeching
Our King Has Come – Elevation Worship
My Future Decided - United

The Time Has Come – United
Glory To God – Steve Fee, Vicky Beeching
This City – Elevation Worship
We Unite – Elevation Worship
Burn For You – Steve Fee