Need Players?

20 Feb Need Players?

The three of us moved to Charlotte at the same time about a year and a half ago. (weird side note: we all moved from Columbia SC, but had never really “worked” together). Anyway, having never lived here, we were pretty clueless about Charlotte musicians, and we spent the first 6 months using players that we’d all known for a while but were from out of town. During that time, we searched everywhere for local players. We also laid out what specific holes we were looking to fill on paper, and began praying specifically for those: 2 bass players, 2 drummers, another keys player, 1 guitar player…..etc. God brought us exactly who we needed.

It’s a funny thing how communities work. Athletes tend to hang out with other athletes. Skaters kick it with other skater boys. Magic card players huddle up in a corner at lunch time and trade their creature cards with other guys just like them. And yes, musicians tend to know a lot of other musicians. We all have our communities.

And we found that the more local players that got involved, the more local players they knew…and then there were the guys that they knew…and then those that they knew. You get it. We’ve had several worship leaders ask how to find solid musicians from around their areas. And we tell them the same thing. Begin praying specifically towards your needs – you need a female lead singer? Pray for God to bring one your way. Then, find out what other musicians she knows. Meet them. Then find out who they know….

Set your standards high on what type of musicians you’re looking for, pray for God to bring them, and then watch the community come to you.