Growing Through Evaluation

12 Aug Growing Through Evaluation

This month we are setting aside time to meet with each player and vocalist on our team individually for a one on one evaluation. We really believe in this process and feel it’s a great way to continue moving forward in excellence. We want to be good stewards of the gifts God has blessed us with, so we feel that a process of evaluating performance, attitude, and growth holds tremendous value as worship leaders and worship musicians.

The process is pretty basic and simple but so effective! We email each person on our team a blank eval document for them to fill out and send back by a particular date. Also, using the same eval document, we as the worship leaders spend time evaluating each person individually. Finally, we meet one on one with each particular person. These meetings are a great way for us to challenge and pour into the guys and girls on our team. Whether it’s your team, your relationship with your spouse, or yourself, taking the time to evaluate growth on any and every level always proves fruitful. And in our ministry, we have seen amazing results from this process!

Here’s a copy of the eval document we use for you to view. Just click to download it, if you so desire.